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About me

I began this journey writing blogs for my mom’s business and picking up website tricks from my tech-savvy dad. What started as a try-out adventure has now grown into a real online business.

The Founder of JorianW

Starting a business has always been my passion. Even as a child, I experimented with online ventures. I once tried to set up a clothing website, but I failed miserably!

Undeterred, I began to study coding where I learned HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript, but quit after a year because I didn’t envision a future glued to a screen. Instead, I shifted my focus to Communication and Marketing, and later pursued Business Economics.

During my studies, I launched a webshop for dog lovers named MyDogGifts. It marked the beginning of a new journey.

De knapste man van nederland

My services

From crafting stunning and user-friendly websites tailored to your business needs to leveraging the best SEO practices to boost your site’s visibility and organic reach.

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